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The Sport Leadership M.Ed./M.B.A. dual-degree program at
Virginia Commonwealth University is designed for full-time students with an undergraduate degree in business. The curriculum is a total of 60 hours and can be completed in two calendar years. The Center for Sport Leadership courses are offered during the day while the School of Business M.B.A. courses will be held in the evening. Upon completion of the program, the student will receive two degrees.

The innovative dual-degree program will prepare students for leadership positions by combining the business teaching of an M.B.A. program with sport industry-specific knowledge of the sport leadership program. This degree combination recognizes the growing complexity of the sport industry and reinforces the Center for Sport Leadership’s commitment to preparing students for the leadership challenges of the future.

The M.B.A. phase of the program will incorporate a problem-based learning style, immersing students in collaborative projects and working situations that are commonplace in the business world. Students will learn business concepts in a real-life context and develop skills in communication, collaboration and teamwork that are essential for success, while developing their ability to be creative, take initiative and accept personal responsibility for their actions.

The sport leadership program will combine classroom and practical experience to prepare individuals for leadership positions in the sport industry. An interdisciplinary approach gives students the freedom to choose courses of personal interest and

build a foundation of knowledge in their desired career fields.

Why is this program important?

The M.B.A. program offers students the course work and knowledge they will need to be successful in a business setting, including principles in accounting, management, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, etc. The Sport Leadership M.Ed. offers the knowledge and application of the sport industry and networking that is required to be successful in today’s sport marketplace.

Application process

Currently, only students who have earned an undergraduate degree in business are eligible to apply for the dual-degree program. The degree is a joint program between VCU’s Center for Sport Leadership and the School of Business, so students must apply to and be accepted into both programs separately in order to be eligible for entry into the program. Due to the limited number of spaces held for dual-degree students, acceptance to both programs does not guarantee acceptance into the dual-degree program. In these cases, the applicant must enter either the sport leadership or the M.B.A. program. Applications to both programs can be completed online through the VCU Graduate School Web site. Each application requires a $65 processing fee and a personal statement (although the same personal statement can be submitted with both applications).

In addition, students only need to submit one copy of each of the following (the programs will share all supplemental information):

  • Official transcripts from each university attended
  • Official GMAT test scores
  • Three letters of recommendation